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Surgeon Captain W. H. Qdicki', Bombay Establishment, is appointed

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opium, in Dr. Molony's case of the Major already cited^

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the British Medical Association, in pursuance of the fol-

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I treated several cases of chlorosis with bismuth oxide, sub-

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but some survived sufficiently long to permit of some attempt

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with her sister about 4 p.m. Complains of constant pain in

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had been shot in the right eye by a pellet from an air gun,

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free, and continues four days. She has always had on the first day severe

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for his kindness ill placing beds at my disposal for the treat-

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had been considered. Still less is the inference correct or

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consumption— malassimilation. It is necessary to sup-

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He is very strongly opposed to the reception of the idea

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We cannot at the moment deal in detail with the subject

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Royal Infirmary. The patient was suffering from a malignant

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1* Papyrui Ebers : Die Maas.^c und das Kapitcl iiher die Augenkrankfieiteit

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child through a small pelvis, and that the danger of the one

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spectors of mines show a lessened cost of life in the working of the

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IV. Importance of Injectionit of Renal Liquid in Organic Affec-

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are entitled to attend, and to introduce professional friends. The

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Deputy Inspector-General of the French Sanitary Services.

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tiple occurrences were learned of a't Southampton, a case cropped up at

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Certifying Factory Surgeon ior Bacup District, vice J. Clegg, M.D.,

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Surgeons in Ireland and the .(ipothecaries' Hall, Dublin, in

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just mentioned heading the list ; two other women wore their

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Clinical Society of London, 8..'?o p.m.— Mr. Mayo Robson : A Case of

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