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Resorcine as a Topical Application in Simple Chancre.

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excluded. Since attention has been specially directed to this point,

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interesting, full of impressive aphoi'isms and ripe con-

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contact with metallic instruments; preserve the oleate in tightly

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papers, notably those of Onimus' and Launois^ and the

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the soft tissues and produce various fractures of the spinous

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time to make it bleed freely. Having done this rub the wound

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accounts of your Treasurer and find these correct as reported, all receipts

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is often of enormous size, and operation is followed by severe shock.

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action upon the respiratory tract, and he recommends its use in chronic inflammation of the

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W. Cross, operated on a farmer whose arm had been injured in a threshing ma-

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skin, then the distance from the anode to the surface is, as stated, 8

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of the kidney, like that of the oesophagus and bulb of the eye,

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