efficacious, especially for indolent ulcers with pale base
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On Friday 13th in April, 1951 — two days before the N. C. General
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lus formed in the gall-bladder ; a biUary calculus.
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" A weak solution of the powder was made, by boiling it
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was brought up and discussed by Drs. Waters, Stokes.
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its cause is a parasitic fungus, Claviceps purpurea, which develops in
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natives following their appointment. They may volun-
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If a house negro be sent to a rice-field he may be attacked. So in shifting
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considered an abortion, followed by continual and profuse haemorrhage.
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Gaston, of Atlanta, in Baltimore, on May 4th and 6th.
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clubbed extremities universally seen in congenital heart defects, it
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after year, in this way ? I have said irritated— not poisoned. Yet Orfila,
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of about three weeks nntil May, 1894, when they ceased for about six months.
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to forty-five years * are not often susceptible. Of the 133 persons who
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formed the operation did not care if the woman died or not. The grand
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cross-reactive with aspirin include ibuprofen, indomethacin,
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(N.) De I'applicatiou <le I'exercice nos oifjanes, con-
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in young adults with rheumatic valve lesions or in elderly persons
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m-thod c (usista of miking a small oi)ening into the
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in fact, he may carry a set in his pocket — and know every facet
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makol., Leipz.. 189.3-4, xxxiii. 407-414.— Stille (M.) The
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the Ceylon meteorological reports, indicate how such records should be kept.
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and vessels, outside of these blades, with the loss of
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and this is most prevalent in the younger years and in the
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safely be substituted for dietetic treatment, nor should they be used as a
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lifted fell back lifelessly to the bed. The lung symptoms also l)ecame
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drew near the fire, or donned our robes. It was all the same,
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extent, one being very mild, the lesions develojiing in small numbers
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to hide inherent defects, not to exterminate them; inbreeding only tends
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material and medical substance, including all used by Tho;nson, and
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covered with iodoform collodion. It healed by first intention without
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smaller end of the tumor was entirely out of the pelvis, in the lower
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few bacteriological examinations had been made, and
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merits the prompt attention of the authorities. '■
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The external wound was dilated from day to day with the
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Care in this respect, and in keeping the animals always warm, is of
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were not marked, and there waH a com|)aratively easy flow of
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