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similarity between them and the plasma of the blood. They contain

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susceptibility to scarlatina is a point claimed by both Drs. Klein

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lumbago or intercostal neuralgia, but you should go on with the exam-

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pupils large, eyelashes long, hair silken, face oval, good-looking. Children

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Sponging I have already referred to in speaking of my

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peritoneum. There was, nevertheless, a speciality in the case which

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medical officers in the application of preventive measures was most gratifying.''

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striving to expel a stone, which was characterized by intense

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cystic tumors with equally good results.— (Frnvs Oor. of N.Y.

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nervous centers, and terminating in perfect health. Vascular

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the mode of producing this hemorrhage, which I described in the

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Having fixed the date of gestation as accurately as

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shows itself in the laws revealed to the Jews, enforcing cleanliness —

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Two things are noteworthy in connection with these wounds:

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searches his results in 1868 {Archives de Pliysiologie), and those of Dr. Dick-

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