• Hospital, Portsmouth, in January, 1882. The patient
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found in part of one rectus only, (e) Movable dulness: This may suggest
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occurred amongst natives in the Umbaila first to detect, then to seize, the bullet,
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mently asserted that both the bath and the hemorrhage
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that at such and such a place the Salvation Army is serving hot drinks
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203. Adherent Prepuce and Paralysis, (14. Albuminuria,
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geon above all erudite, yet expert and without ever
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Fig. 663. — Separating the testicle from the scrotal tissues. {Veau.)
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convert it into blood suitable for the nutrition of all the organs.
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me. It is certain, however, that they were friends, and that
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operation until the finished product is labeled and
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I. Frequency of the occurrence of gall stones in the autopsies of a
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reached and evacuated, the patient dies of some associated complication
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For prophylactic purposes it is important to determine the
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hystoliticus. and suggested that there might be many more cases of
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somewhat the shape of flower-pots, and crystalliza-
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In a subsequent portion of his work he observes —
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which purely mucous masses resembling frog's spawn admixed with
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If water alone is used to make the porridge, condensed or fresh milk may be
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increase in the quantity of hemoglobin in the corpuscles that
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physiology and pathology. Journ. Am. Med. Assn., xlvi, 1906, pp. 1023
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Assistant director. — Passed Assistant Surgeon John V. Anderson.
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2 See letter to Dr Mackuess, printed in the latter's Treatise on Dysphoniu
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val greater in proportion to the youth of the embryo. Any ar-
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produced by the simultaneous presence of pyogenic bacteria
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the digestion somewhat impaired. For one, two ox three days these
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6. Horses should be protected as far as possible from ex-
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by alcohol or Tr. of iodine. If considerable oozing persists it may
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stage and would be pleased to hear from any reader who can furnish further and better information. Moreover,
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8. (a) Give the causes of chronic ovaritis, (b) Name three
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movement ; thus irregular pauses intervene, and one inspiration is deep,
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ceration of the Os Uteri,' " Ibid., 1876; "Vaginal Ovariotomy,"
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