suprahilar region, within the right upper lobe (arrow).
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power. The thumb is weak and assumes the same position
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this purpose Professor Wright " has devised an ingenious method which in
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we have embraced a large part of eugenics. If, however, we take
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washed twenty-three hours in running water ; hardened in alcohol and
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and when the latter is very acrimonious, the difference is simply in
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ranged to correspond with the work in Pharmacology but other-
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the sick-list to begin with. Owing to a lack of ket-
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The general opinion expressed at the Congress was that cottage
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still present ; pupils responded somewhat, the left side para-
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a pathological museum. In every part we recognise certain
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enteritis of swine. There is not the slightest ground for supposing that the
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Three days later one tube was removed, and the remaining
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may occur when the cheesy vomicae in the kidney open into the
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process. Either the reverse of this is true, or the pro-
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may not take place for a time. As a fact, amendment does now
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exerting less pressure on the vanes; its amount could only
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waiting for that One to come to them and no doubt they
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other house in the world. Write for prices and terms.
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Abdominal Pain. This frequently demands treatment. Careful exami-
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Fig. 10. — Chondrodystrophia foetalis, N. F., aged 2 years.
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mals acts. The stamping-out system as applied to pleuro-pneumonia
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Society, and of the County Meeting to which he belongs : and may take attested
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continuous type of fever. Such an onset is identical with that of
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These contain the several metals mentioned above. They are much more cleanly
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suggest only a ruptured vehi or artery, an intestinal
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telligent ditferentiation of the various conditions
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their immediate principles, instead of being chemically decomposed. Proceeding in
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Ketoconazole is a synthetic antifungal agent indicated for
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The Pasteurization and Sterilization of Milk. (Reprint from Yearbook.)
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officers to be " out of bounds ; ' ' some of the chaplains are
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ties, the two liquids are found, after a time, to have mingled
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inhabitant of Boston it was thought necessary to undergo
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Dr. Joal believes that the employment of carbonic acid gas is