the constant ascent and diffusion of the ground air and that this- is greater
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her young age. Eight months ago used to have screaming fits, and was
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"On November 13th, 1918, the cyst was opened; three smaller cysts
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Two cases were permanently cured, both operations dating before 1881 ;
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probable that the diabetes was the causative factor, the appearance of
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SoTSCHAWA [Medicinische Rundschau, Russische, 1889, No. 1) reports a case
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antitoxin for curative purposes he recommends for children over
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increasing emaciation, and a continued foul discharge, and on May
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The question of the contagiousness of this disease is still an open one,
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my own practice the fact that a stricture is not cancerous adds
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In England where the women have entered the field of labor
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difficult one from the beginning of the War, must not be tolerated.
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severe colic and vomiting. He was very nervous and rolling
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to medical science by such an exclusion of them on the part of
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the date of signing the prescription. (No limit to the amount.)
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interests of the Corps those of the profession at large and thus
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ments to disprove them. Instead of meeting Spina's arguments in a
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She complained very much of pain on deglutition, and it was with the
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to an extent sufficient to give a positive Wassermann, before begin-
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said. I think that, as Dr. Rutz has pointed out, all those cases demand
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of more than average intelligence and one who had had much
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the solicitude for the success of a cataract extraction in the
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in the investigations of this disease, their post-mortem examinations, and
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who honestly believe it to be a truth, may be more dangerous
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reasoning, but I cannot escape the conclusion that the excessive innerva-
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Case 3 discussed by Drs. James C. Kennedy and Arthur H.
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a miliary eruption ; on the contrary, not only are many of the pustules
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infants, if indeed filth and squalor can be so picturesque. The
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axilla that they were unable to loosen them up so as to introduce the
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tion of the phenomena of recovery from infectious disease, protective
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patient, a married man of thirty-eight, perfect physically, had never
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multiform eruption of a mixed chronic, subacute, and acute character,
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congestion and the toxicity of the blood which depends on liver
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very great, or that the products held in solution were few. These pro-
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October, 1889) there is no evidence that there was in this case any broken-
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for all practical purposes, my patient's outlook was now rather favorable
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pired with a few gasping respirations. Profuse perspirations are very
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period. The carotid wave is about 1-10 second in advance of the
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necessity belong to it. To judge by Mr. Bryant's experience, it is imaginary.
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and the average age was seven and three-quarters years approximately, vary-
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they may be derived from human tubercle, and their anatomical characters
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