class antiphlogistic. If we know the life is feeble, we will ap-
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column designating the causes of death according to Mr.
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to back of neck, relieved, so that she had a good night's rest
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Indications. — Yellowish discoloration of the tongue; chronic
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the product of a constitutional dyscrasia, and formed from
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I have used it since I commenced practice, and have never failed
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The slight febrile state and the blood-picture were the only suggestions
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put to flight, had not the fever for making nosological
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cause of death, while it is not mentioned by Dr. Clay.
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nevertheless, enabled to continue his usual occupations
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In this city municipal efforts had been made, and had in a
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Pupil. To Sichel, Desmarres, Jager, Greefe, Mackenzie,
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mences in the arterioles, the enlargement is less marked than in
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treatment of disease. It must be in such condition that it will
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at once detects a deformity, and determines its cause, whether
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and give as soon as possible the following physic :
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the water adapts this mode of treatment to this peculiar
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social activities, and his contributions to the pleas-
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Diseases of stock, especially diarrhofea, are very often
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short tubes or follicles of Lieberkuhn), but eminent physiologists
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remedies that will cure fever will cure inflammation. To this
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in spleenic apoplexy in cattle — over-feeding on very rich
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the hospital life is more absorbing than is univer-
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tains an abundance of ammoniacal compounds, and gives char-
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aevi nostri" a la " Les Systemes de Newton et Leibnitz ajus-
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Indications. — Yellowish discoloration of the tongue; chronic
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obliged to use the left hand. As soon as the wound was
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in the atmosphere ; and a greater or less electrical condition.
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far better than opiates in these conditions. It is also a remedy in
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to secure their complete humiliation, in order to advance a
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tlie heart no morbid condition was discovered, either as regards the cavi-
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regularity, but without the presence of the indications, its effects
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by M. Grifoullure, is rather exaggerated than depreciated
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dull, sunken eye, feeble circulation to the surface and extremi-
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Usual Prescription. — 1^ Apis, gtt. v to xx ; water, 5 iv. M.
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the heart, arteries and capillaries. It lessens irritability, lessens
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head, and which feels hot, it constitutes a useful medicament.
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ment was directed wholly to the stomach we would make a great
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