clinical and pathological interest, which appear to
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treated 125 patients— 82 men and 43 females— the majority of whom were aged
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This, in turn, suggests that if one obtains no result from one trans-
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writings, have greatly increased our knowledge of the sub-
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and when it fails it does so, just as all such measures fail,
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immediately after amputation, or on any wound whatever, sur-
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of April, vomiting began and continued, gradually increasing in
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Art. II. — On the Won- Venereal Cutaneous Affections of the
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UCLA at Universal City Hilton and Towers, Universal City. Fri-Sun. 17.5
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brane is slightly reddened and swollen. After a period, the duration of which
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is often of enormous size, and operation is followed by severe shock.
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it is one of the best, and one that is harmless even in
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irritability of the xwvXl of the hlad<h)r, due to |tr(!viouH
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It is quite certain, then. Gentlemen, as stated by Dr. Bourgeois,
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and plasma, and they seem to make an effort to retain these contents ; bat it
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ures are made under antiseptic precautions, and when the inner table has
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after it has been lessened by action with an enemy ; the statistics
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his wife being obliged, before she could obtain a divorce, personally to
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to the successful inauguration of this new organization.
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that the disease is curable, for the moral and mental depression to which the
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course, and have not only refused to comply with their
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tized vaccine was found to be ± 0.038 -f- C, that is, the average of 37.39 C.
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succeeded in delivering, but at the expense of a pair
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which came under m}' observation, epileptic insanity had a
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persistent weakness. To the outer side, of, or between
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wide field of the materia medica would appear a simple task ; but unfor-
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Dr. a. Jacobi : — Ulcers of the stomach, both acute and chronic,
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sepsis is of two varieties : that due to putrefactive