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tener is raising his pigs, at the highest possible expense,

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oedema, and there was some pleuritic eff"usion. There was a large, almost

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or absorbent cotton for twenty- four hours, then take out and cauterize

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branch of the left middle cerebral artery was nearly occluded by

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made during the last few years, and that not one of them has

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Premising, at first, the deep incisions, and the free use of the caustic

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Aerial Infection. Infectious microorganisms may be deposited on the

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Brain and Spinal Cord," a subject which has been of

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207. The diseases of calves are principally confined to a species

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There are no well-controlled studies in pregnant women, therefore,

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superficial one only ; the intolerance is not greater than may be produced

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It is commonly believed that before its secretion pepsin exists in the

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This bone, the short pastern bone, also articulates with

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six or eight inches higher than the others. Between this frame

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discovered the rich gold mines that in the early days, some forty

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from it, its individuality, accuracy, and intellectuality, leav-

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by the mortality statistics of the United States census, 1900.

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RRGLP^ and Bkcxax Johx Goiiub» M.&, F.RCS. London:

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a standard in the United States for the proportion in which the

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ruptured by the introduction of an instrument. The bleeding at the

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Fever, the symptom as seen in typhoid, malaria, pneumonia, tuber-

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bility, so that its galvanization will no longer pro-

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He had been a healthy man all his life, until the previous

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* Etude sur les Sclerose enc^phaliques primitive de Tenfance.

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a malformation of the thumb. The first phalanx is forked almost down

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cases of functional paralysis. The diagnostic value of the Achilles jerk