We propose therefore that during the sitting of the American

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to one and a half inches in length. The hsemorrhage was slight.

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gia, nervous debility, spinal irritation, rheumatism,

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Miss Frost said to the chief actors in these scenes

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stomach or pelvic pain will be subdued with full doses of

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•63(4i)b.a.26 Ross and Cromarty. By G. S. Mackenzie.

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Entering freshman will be required to purchase/lease a laptop computer from the University of

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has been done to elucidate the subject, both from a clinical and

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dreaded (and often postponed) the evacuation, particularly if it was

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additions to buildings. A new wing of white sandstone is to be

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sixty-five years of age, of fair health but of rather

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it arises in basement stables where there is bad drainage and ventilation,

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The author has, however, included a description of several of the newer

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the trachea is in constant danger of becoming impacted

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condition is more hopeful, a change of medication is desirable

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stolid, and sleeping indefinitely, breathing very noisily, and unable to recog-

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imable to say whether the fibers, after crossing, pass into the

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and Eomans used leather, reaching generally to the middle of

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error in the normal reaction of the blood, causing these mat-

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stantial hope upon. At the request of her friends, however, T consented

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He had been a healthy man all his life, until the previous

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other measures. I have seen and reported one case of brain tumor

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more gratifying. This observer described a characteristic deformation

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down with a piece of cloth, over which is deposited

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application to man of a general method of treatment of

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