was distended, and rose-spots were present. Owing to the

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elimination of nitrogen (as urea) ; but in his last paper, in speaking of urea, he

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and various preparations of morbid anatomy, etc., which, together

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ventable causes. Twelve successful operations for the

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made up of separate nodules or other irregularities. ^

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London). The author explains that he has gone more fully into the

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forms in the new religion. The people required sub-

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has failed us, or which we cannot employ, from the restiveness of our

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after four years' use. It is at least perfectly efficient for thera-

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cent. According to Munich, the condition occurs in primiparae

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Again, eclecticism in medicine will become and continue

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through the mouth by lodging in carious teeth and thus forming a

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7,000 horses, the disease is unknown, and the same is true of lee-

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or as fast as it forms. Any fears of the contact of air I

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which by the frequency of their recurrence will at last produce

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they are illustrated to advantage in this number, and have already met

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rats, fresh from the dealer, were placed in this cage. In a very short

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restored tiit dl^estiv^ powers, and regulateoihe sysfcdn,

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unhealed for a considerable time. In favourable cases these ultimately

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F. Plum, Anne Parrish Tltzett Professor of 'Neurology,

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formication, pallor, and numbness, is a very common early symptom,

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ease. Alcoholics are especially liable and those whose habits

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aggerated importance that has been given to Fliigge's

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