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As a practical surgeon Beck was a sound clinician and a

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In a paragraph with this head, published on May 27th, we stated that Dr.

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hypermetropia. He also accepts the irregular or segmental

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produces no morbid symptoms, yet pyogenic cocci which abound on the

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4 gallons of water, at a temperature of 115° F., or even 120° F., should

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the matter.— In reply to a further qnestion from Mr. H. S. Foster, the

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doubt that the initial poisoning was due to the presence of

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Chapter Xm. — ^Diseases Caused by Animal Parasites 502

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action was to obtain an injunction to restrain the defendant, Henry E.

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ment of Principal Medical Officer to the Bombay Army, and will be suc-

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France with two medical officers than we are with one ?