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paste is a very good application to the gland for relieving pain.
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cells therefore swell, become cloudy, are less transparent and
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other hand, a number of schools either avoid making such
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of different substances, one chemical, the other phys-
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pliers, Henry's, Seutin's, etc., and saws, also, but found none so serviceable
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and vein at the part where the patient had been let
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Kateel N. Pai, 308 Mary Kay Lane, Connersville 47731
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XV. Experimental Laboratory, A thesis is produced in
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to the same Post Office. We have therefore no means of know-
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operations. In 1838, William Fergusson, whose habitual caution in
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outside hospitals, and that many of those that are made are not done
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tion is not accomplished and strangulation exists you should operate while the
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terminable, as every one must admit. If any one is satisfied with such a result,
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likely to do bad injury, and wounds made by them will re-
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attempt to generalize a large amount of the patli(«logy
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tice followed by some grooms is known as "figging" and
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not confined to the wretched and filthy but selected victims from the best
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Department of the East, was accepted to visit the Military
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