detailed at some length the statements of Kaposi, of Vienna, as to
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at 4 P.M. At 7 P.M. he was given chloral, 20 grs. ; bro-
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In order to furnish data for comparison with other epidemics, or the same
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amounting to 13.4 mg. of element. The radium was enclosed in a thin-
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fact that they are p?rmitted to use the patients and material
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studies. It would lead too far afield were I to recount in this place
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in the later stages of her trouble the attacks of pain were of
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The eighth edition of the'English gynaecologist, H. Mac-
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child. His perception may be as acute, his pride as great as those of the
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we thank Thee, and humbly ask that wherever there is darkness still
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This special form of treatment merits the attention of
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there would be found about the same proportion of cases of consanguinity as
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2. Camphor 1 dr., nitre 6 dr., antimohial powder 2 dr., flour
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and Dr. Anstie narrated the case of a gentleman who was
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Europe till the beginning of the eighth century. No mention of
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plete. Cervical haematomyelia, according to its localization, provokes
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uncertain xmtil confirmed by the Eontgen method are not rare,
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variations- in the anatomy of the parts may be a source of
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extent and fearfulness of this work is not known or rec-
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prietary) by gentle friction, and put on a piece of linen bandage.
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menstrual dysfunction. Finally, if a woman presents
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Difficult as asepsis is where the abdominal cavity is
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ing upon her, and had they not been evidently dependent upon causes not
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inj? tlio |uTi|┬╗lioral ond organs of tlu> olfactitry ncrvo.
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half an inch on each side of it; the raw surfaces were united by one deep
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their original number, one hundred men. During this inter\'al, the
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the patient becoming irritable and morose. The child, before preco-
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him on his public spirit and services to humanity, and
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The poison secreted by the liver from the circulation, with
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don, Elmhurst, Illinois; two grandchildren; and two
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Stand by their own merit, aM illiberal legislation will excite a
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illustrations in text. Price, $2.50. Philadelphia and
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which, he remarked, seemed worthy of notice, coming as it does from
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the 26th of November. On that date the external os was patu-
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tions if they are placed in the sunlight or in diffuse daylight,
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tonsil 150, and vault no colonies of hemolytic streptococci.
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in some other way a great public benefactor ; but if the persons whose
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tine or backward into the gall-bladder. At length, the pain and other