tune to fortify, at his own expense, several towns of

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from the projectile, and, at all events^ they cannot easily withstand

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they do not oftener occur) where the seat or bowl of a water-

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comfort to the animals. Therefore phrenic section, in animalfe at least,

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that the labour be accomplished solely by the action of the uterus,

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application of ice is grateful ; but if the swelling be very great, it is

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considered by those not conversant with the practical

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at the hands of Folin. ^^ With the extremely delicate colorimetric

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of tubercle afterwards settled in this focus. He pointed out that

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times. About three days after the patient hath taken the

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previous authors; in fact, no great originality can be expected. It is

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in the test-tube, it has not exactly the color of milk or cream, but

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out of the retort and the can opened to allow the escape of air, water, etc. It is

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of the instructors, we do not expect to see it carried out. "\Vc

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allotted brevity of a pig's life they are at the longest fed upon infected

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the wonderful expansion of surgery that accompanied

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and Bacteriol., 1909, 13, 2,2,2. Walker, E. W. Ainley: A Note on Widal's

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tricity to be distributed on the exterior and in the

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(Jesellsch., 22. Feb.] < Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz. & Berl., v. 19 (9),

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in the chemistry of the bacteria and the manner in which toxins are secreted,

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Inflammation of the breasts; nipples sore and cracked {Phytolacca

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after year has swiftly glided away, till now we are permitted by t In-

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opisthotonic condition of a variable intensity, spasms of the musculi

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total males, are native born ; and 244,600, or 26.22

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cases show evidences of past tuberculosis. It seems

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The discharge from the wound was quite excessive and a new

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short, every exhausting cause that induces physical languor or a

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