upon the face, ■where it first appeared, and is not followed by desquama-
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some more than others, to see that their ri>k^ are care-
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teria, when cultivated upon suitable media, give rise
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two deaths, one from pulmonary embolism the third day
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ectal face of the /^w//t-w/,tWxand the c/iiMj/rwiw, might be distinguished by the
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internal carotid artery is external to the superior
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has been called hy drops cystidisfellese. The liquid, however, is not purely
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same observer, hemoglobinuria occurs only in infections with the
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blocking of tubes. Besides there were many areas of interstitial hemorrhages to
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ination, numerous myelocytes, nucleated red blood corpuscles,
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lions the subject in a general way. For this reason it
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valuable aid in its diagnosis. Here, too, the practical importance of know-
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Dispensary Rules. — Acting promptly after the new dis-
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lowing propositions who have had much experience with
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perverted function of the liver on the kidney, forcing it to eliminate improp-
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between diabetes and cataract has been recognized, and that when attention
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fermentation, or other mode of reproduction, in impure, damp, and stag-
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this : that where a circular and cicatricial stricture, involving all the
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especially if it resist the ordinary modes of treatment; and as
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;aocumulation of blood, or dryness (deficiency of wax) extending to these
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All this while brevets were showered in some favored
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doctors, and was patronised by the Duchess of Gordon, the acknow-
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congestion of the mucous membrane of the colon and the ileum.
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convinced that as far as diphtheria was concerned a
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the most influential among the citizens daring to ask
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microscopical diagnosis, epithelioma. He was prepared for
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(mosquito), with the result that they get fever which
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though the safety of delaying instrumental aid for thirty hours
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(7) As a general practitioner he had his proportion
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when no other symptoms denote im|)ending coma. This was true of
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myopia or short-sightedness. These effects he ascribed
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form quite frequently, though not necessarily every day. Even
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in a locality, the first thing they did was to take out the ages of the children
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in place by safety pins. Over all this place your rubber sheet,
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It remains to notice the protective influence against scarlatina, which has
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the neuritis in Dr. Lloyd's case with history of alco-
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blood, as has been proved by the experiment of the late Professor
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seriously his statutory duty to ensure that only qualifying Part B claims are
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coat of the bladder to the distance of two or three lines. The needles are then
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dition, if possible. A great deal of good can be done
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and in one, large numbers of Streptococcus pyogenes.
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Tiflis, declared they should send them to study medicine,
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himself. How well he succeeds will be known in a year or two by inquiring at
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