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and cruel sufferers. Skin diseases, both specific and non-

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plain, or with pepper and salt, or with cheese, or may be

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until the rectal temperature falls two or three degrees. It is a serious

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cently. The secondary as well as the primary lesions are

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diabetic. Lepine says the pancreas produces a ferment which

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stantly appears, mostly after a longer or shorter period of warming, a

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All of these remedies should be used as remedies under care of

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rabbits. He wrapped them in a sheet wet with water at 34 c , and

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for the public good, without some proper compensation. Pur-

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health. If she eats carbohydrates, they run off as sugar by

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ing space, and you are in a condition of semi-suffocation, and

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for food, for it is then so difficult to distinguish the species.

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serous and excessive in amount. Thirst is almost intolerable, anorexia

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tains information, gossip and general news about individual class

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III. Heart Failure stands as a dread spectre at the bedside of every

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rounded by a reticular stroma " formed by the fibrillation and rarefac-

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Sighs of joy and some moments of sadness filled the air as four

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I propose to establish the fact that this mortality may be reduced, as

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pigs. He took two of the tuberculous pigs and treated them

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more chloroform ; if it rises to the top, add more benzole until

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form of distribution of vessels in the adult depends upon the develop-

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and lighter. Hence, should a fourth or a fifth febrile period occur, it

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becomes more suspicious of typhoid, I order a tub bath given in the

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any treatment by medicine in stimulating the nerve centres, in restor-

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This is of great importance, as may be well seen. Now you