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our locality we have access to the Waukesha waters, which

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this, however, only serves to illustrate more strikingly the resources

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Pinel, on several visits, had discovered in Chevinge an excellent

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horse well known to possess this accomplishment remove

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its place. The old coat, as the weather grows warmer, is gradu-

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estly and faithfully, a vast amount of loss of business, injury

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remedy for chronic rheumatism by Dr. Percival in 1782, and

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record them in a special book, to issue permits, and to for-

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quickly they trembled very much. Subsequently he felt weakness in the left

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remedy, gives due credit to and associates his own great name

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muscles and the obstacles interposed to such force, which, so

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shelter was blown in and he himself badly shaken, and only saved by his steel helmet. He

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cond self; and, in a married state, are accounted but one?

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(15) Hampstead, N.W. — The Old Shepherd's Well, covered by an

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cipal questions which we had in mind when we began the experiments. We

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administered thereafter before meals and on retiring, \

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trade-winds, or as the KVfjLarwv avrjpLOjjbov jsXaa/xa of the

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body, or in decomposing fluids. The blood may be kept in

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Minnesota King yielded 43.6 bushels per acre of excellent

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vaccination affords security to the majority, and so far protects

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of 729 cases met with in the New York epidemic, in only 8 was

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Paresis. — A male, aged 40, for some years considered queer, recently became

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son bag. For a few moments after the bite he took no

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duct, the correspondence of the Academy. lie shall report

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albuminous and gelatinous tissues, from the decomposition of which, in

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allowed to dry spontaneously, became covered, after the lapse of

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is aseptic if not antiseptic, and is as good as glycerine when

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N. Y., remaining there until the present time, always devoting my 1

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swallowing rapidly increased ; and from the end of October to the time of his

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Pterygium, treatment of, by transplantation » 1(18

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The influence of occupation upon the frequency of pneumonia is shown

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* Taking the largest view of volcanoes ( and there are now at least 300

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were disputed, if the &ct that by repeated inoculations of chancre matter very serious

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tropical Africa, Surgeon-Major Gore expresses himself clearly and

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those wliose occupations threw them much in contact with the natives.

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dissolved in water should be given, and the dog afterwards