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Dr. Storrar said he had always felt that they were entitled
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the Medical Acts, he said they were practically moon-
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Boston M. & S. J., 1900, cxlii, 289; 322. [Discussion], 304-
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Staining with Goldhorn's solution 3 is very simple and yields excellent results.
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fractures. Prof. Pope substitutes, with very happy results, the
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substances, such as arsenic, phosphorus, lead, etc., seema
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follows : Nitrate of potassa grs. 15, water J iv. Give 3 iv.
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Family History. — Father was a rather large man, but
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The next annual meeting of the Tri-State Medical Association of the Carolina and
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able. In some fatal cases the patient dies suddenly from two or
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An inquest was held last week on the body of a sailor who
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W. D. Spanton, Esq., Hanley ; Dr. Boyd Joll, Liverpool ; Dr.
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pression of the visual image. Tr. Am. Opbtb. Soc, Hart-
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made the following diagnosis : calculous kidney, with pyelitis and sclero-lipomatous
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Bacteriologically, smears showed numerous gram-positive, non-acid-fast diph-
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