aneurysm ; (6) Lowered blood-pressure in the vessels of the liver favor-

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are rolled about, but apparently retain a more or less observant expression.

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take the place of an attack of migraine. Spastic aphoria consists of a

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Anemia is often present, and with it headaches, irritable heart, and hemic

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traumatism (Malkoff); hence it is obvious that it may become one of

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rheumatism. In sj^ecific fevers it is also encountered, and found to be

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heart is formed almost exclusively by the greatly enlarged right ven-

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appendicitis. Pain, local tenderness, and, not uncommonly, signs of a

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occur, no further attempt should be made to dilate, as only

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the general health. system progressively undermined.

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1. Sudden or apoplectiform, this being due to hemorrhage, embolism,

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rheumatism. In sj^ecific fevers it is also encountered, and found to be

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The anesthesia may be general or it may involve but half of the body or

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ageal sound should not be passed for purposes of exploration, on account

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slightly elevated patches that are usually found to invade the underlying

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pancreatic duct or its branches by compression from within or without

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chorea it may be distinguished by the coordinated character of the move-

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a mere feeling of soreness to that of the most agonizing suffering. It may

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vaginal walls. There are many reasons for these misfits. A

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concerning the etiology of the condition. It is one that was first

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