and is bound to tell honestly and fairly what he has gath-

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by an interval both from the second or the first sound, or it may be a low-

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primary or secondary, and running their course with or without polynuclear

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passed along, it took away ofle third of the cuboid bone, and made its

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glasses ; for all this is done without a wound, and the action

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literature of cholera of the day, we are forced into

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Treatment — In addition to the mechanical treatment, usually essential in the

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Art. 93. — Source of Fallacy in Estimating the Mortality from

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tative value the chief discrimination between the different makers was based.

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tions are started before or at the time the abscess is opened,

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system, there is danger of hand-washing becoming hasty and per-

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he has found that such dilators of arterioles as nitrite

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The causes that determine the high blood-pressure and the

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sented among the physicians in underserved areas. The high

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there are not only small ulcers independent of the follicles,

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may continue for a number of months, for years in fact, but this is

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digitalis remounted, but not to so high a degree. Defervescence

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of the tissues involved, and ligature made en masse, but in vain.

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up at widely different points without any evident connection between

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acting destructive forces gain the ascendancy over the reparative

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land ; — it is almost impossible. I may see practice, you will say'; I will,

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change was confined to the large intestine was interesting in regard to

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tem with torpor ; denoted by sleep, or more properly

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stetrician might in some cases infect his patient, he believed

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that is, before the disease is fully declared by the characteristic ))aroxysmR.

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I saw a case in an elderly gentleman a year or so ago who had

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Clinical History. — (1) Oral Actinomycosis. — ^The patient often com-

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murmur occurred, which came and went in two of them over a

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gone. Her temperature was then 102.5. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon she also

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Number of red corpuscles per cubic millimetre, 3,166,666 ; haemo-

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a complete text-book for those seeking to obtain or to renew an acquaintance with Human Ana-

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mantic there has been established a city medical society which

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