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tion of the lids and of the inner coats of the eye suggest that im-

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It is easy to understand how a milk supply thus almost if not quite

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that after immunization such serum has little or no ago^lutinatinof

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were registered ; in the subsequent seven years (1864-'70) the

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1. We have been able to attain such high ratios only in cases

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investigated in man, because for therapeutic purposes horse-serum is

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character, hereby recommends to all physicians the use of the

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and jolting in every direction, as if they must inevitably fly as

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son, Goodwin, and Elias Pratt was appointed to consider the

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which lasts more than twice as long as that of nitrous oxide. In

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profession, it was intended that several of the Medi-

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fixed, giving to the eyes a peculiar vacant stare. He often puts his hand

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10. Cellia. — Thorax, flat spindle scales. Abdominal scales differ

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portion entirely or largely escapes, is quite contrary to the behaviour

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rectum with the adjacent uterus. The spleen was enlarged and soft. The

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^litchell's Headquarters. The road along the shore leading from

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a paroxysm there is pain of a burning or stinging description, which may

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determining the boundaries between organs, was superior to

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extending over a long period of time, or where the tumors were of large

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to the severity of the lesion, the reaction of degeneration is partial or

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right side ; and on this side about half-an-ounce of blood was found extrava-

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Acute intestinal obstructions may simulate but here we have faecal vomiting and

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for a period his brilliant contributions dazzled the eyes of observers,

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This subject is one of intense interest, and I feel well assured that I

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may be added to clarify the liquid, which must then be filtered through a dense filter-

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penis,— no vagina,— a scrotum with one testicle down and the other descend-

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most of the time, and corsets had long since been discarded. I ordered Anazyme

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ought to be resorted to more frequently; while in the interstitial and sub-mu-

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daily on the food for ten days, and then a pint of linseed oil

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Around each of the lanugo hairs is formed a solid corneous mass, which

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Alabama in a high state of development and in great

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ioned type ; whereas surgeons use almost exclusively the

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pared by any native who has a common country still;

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in typhus than in typhoid fever. The granular and waxy changes in fibres

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M. Ass., Chicago, J899, xxxii, 232. — Oracfe (A.) Die

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