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to occur regularly in pauses of several minutes ; the tube dilating again

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ground, which purifies at the firfl approach of our

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tion, were it correct, would prove the vice almost universal with both

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Principles and. Practice of Physic. In this, as Dr. Pope tells us,

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of their predecessors are equally at the disposal of all, and conse-

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stomach, it was almost immediately vomited, together with a large

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temperature hastily to 57 degrees centigrade, and afterward slowly to

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liberal-minded, aesthetic Hull, among the early pioneers of homoeo-

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four of the molars of the upper jaw have been extracted. The four

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matter of diet. *' One man's meat may be another's poison." He

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• At the time this lecture was written, the absurd idea that the education of a surgeon

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Lithontriptick : by Appropriation, it is Stomatick,

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possessing additional importance from its indicating the diverse

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riding, and considered that exercise to agree particularly well with my

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ward, showed that the exudation had been thrown out as far down

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Will hold its third annual meeting in Bath, at the office of W. E.

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came on suddenly, without the slightest precursory derangement of the

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other hand, that it is not a typhoid fever. This last conclusion is even

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treated successfully by mercurialisation. But under ordinary circum-

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prostration of strength, and sleeplessness. Hs was ordered to take a

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rous structure, which originate in the nasal foese^

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I believe not. It opens, incides, attenuates or makes

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on the brain, the headache was of a distinctly intermittent character.

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base of the right arytenoid cartilage. This was touched each day

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Having seen the article on " Macaronic Verse " in your issue of

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riably caused similar afi^ections of certain mental functions. These errors

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would say, too, that any woman taken up and convicted of following •

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aggravated by pressure or motion, but not attended with any apparent