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Sudbury, Suffolk," says the " Lancet," " on the body of a horsehair

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hypochondriacs, and in some cases the notion becomes a fixed belief of

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Dr Berry's description of a tree which flowered in tlie No-

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compares this case with that of Mry and R. Labb, 8 which he considers

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Observations upon the Cranial Forms of the American Aborigines, based

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licit her. She was full of sexual delusions with reference

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been obtained. The reports furnished by the missionary bodies

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ening of the subcutaneous tissue, perhaps assisted by alterations of the

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of the posterior crico-arytenoid muscles. As a result of paralysis of these

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longer exists at present, for the better orders have also paid

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cians, and on May 29 he was examined, and admitted a Licen-

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by illustration. We find in a given case a malposition of

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above the border of the ribs, three-quarters to one inch long and about

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distinct when the patient is made to turn his eyes in the direction

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In very rare cases the obturator nerve is also affected with neural-

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proved long traction hip-splint, with projjer method of ap-

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indigo with half its weight of Paris plaster and sufficient water

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tained in the stomach for a very long lime. We must there-

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of hygiene. Where one could anticipate an outbreak of measles in a household,

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whether by the usual or the combined rectal and vaginal taxis,

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states that Dr. London, of St. Petersburg, has published some

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accept conclusions which are opposed to pathological

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reduce the trouble greatly without the smallness of the holes check-

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hottest; being most rife in the greatest extremes of heat or

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appeared grossly benign. The spleen, weighing 190 gm.

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I he .uTiihii (ultnrr >li'iukl he tii.ido in't\ I'.i-i', .ind Inf .intirnlic^

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for two years, and then removed to Milwauk¬ę, where he enjoyed a very large

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