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face, &c. cupping the epigastrium, the temples, fore and hind head,

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Dr. O. A. Sander, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will discuss

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I do not think that it was due to mercuric chloride

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constitution so that further tubercular invasion may

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the treatment of diabetes in several instances, its administration has

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These 15 cases are representative and form but a small part of the

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the ether spray in the treatment of neuralgia and local-

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heaviness. Dead or alive, it has no active mood, but is utterly passive.

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abscesses, acute consecutive suppurative nephritis, or surgical kidney,

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We are not responsible for the views of correspondents.

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By A. ATKINSON, M. D., late Prof. Pract. of Medicine Baltimore Medical College,

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(a) Internal disinfectants are employed chiefly as therapeutic

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days and during the time of high dry winds would it be advisable to