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And that seems to be one of the many dangers of the cult of cen-

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do we know that any advantage would accrue from success, even if it

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The Commission beginning its work on 4th February 1918 were

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Printed directions for making the cultures in suspected cases of diph-

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Tenth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of

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investigation of the problem particularly difficult, since animal experi-

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Calcium in Jaundice at Three-hour Intervals Following the

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might be due either to central, medial, or peripheral

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•trinsic contention by an extrinsic contention — that is to say, by

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It is a most excellent agent for relieving pain of any sort in

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structionibus, et biliosae vtique ac pituitosae saburrae

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indicate regression of the choroidal lesions following the

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Fig. 10.— Derivation II. July 9, 1917. Control with respiratory curve. Sino-atrial block. Slow film.

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jug, and boil it a few minutes in a kettle of water, leav-

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occurring in one of the upper lobes may or may not be tuberculous ;

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out daily with powerful germicides, curetted and drained, and finally treated

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and oppression of breathing on exercise. 2. Dull sound on percus-

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rotted animal or vegetable substance, whether manufactured or not ;

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without doing anything to improve its chemical purity. In one famous

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result of such business from any cause, ignorance, carelessness,

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