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During the past year only two clinical departments, surgery and
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prevented from falling on the floor while being emptied into the tanks by the use of
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diseased carcasses or parts, and are required to use the same means for disinfecting
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were interspaced at fairly equal intervals, by strong, flopping waves that
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type, obscure clinical syndromes occur by virtue of
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s.-nsory ai.hasia. Th..s.- int.-ri-stf-.l in this snl.j.M-t .-oiisnlt Hollon's
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were secured, and a cheese factory about 3 miles from the town was
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wrote his observations of the effects of industrial
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number of ante-mortem insiiections, fiscal year in05-() 15
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inoculation the animal's temperature had risen from 102° to 106° F.,
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The Official Organ of the State Association and Affiliated County Societies
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,onus is maintained by afferent in.p"lses transmitted to the spn,al cord
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This careftil quantitative estimation of the insular tissue offers a
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Farmers and retail butchers exempt from meat in8i)ection under law 91
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would, upon microscopic study, be shown to be absolutely free from all
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26. Judd, E. S., and Phillips. J. Robert: Acute Cholecystic
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are sharpened by the struggle for existence to which they are con-
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become obscured and broken up and the tissue stains uniformly bluish
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twelfth rib posteriorly and lateral to the vertebral col-
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extract. The hearts stopped beating almost instantly, and the per-
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minimum, and (3) promotes the formation of soft, flocculent, easily
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qualities of these feeds. Hogs have been killed with cotton seed,
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and Decatur counties to the northwest comer of Wayne County; thence easterly along
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(1950); Emmett Settle, Rock Port (1950); A. J. Kotkis. St.
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original article, and in addition have found 13 cases referred to by
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pendence in producing purgation appears to consist in the injection
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dextrose had been used by the heart in this time at the same rate that
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ment has regarded it as utterly impracticable to inspect hog carcasses
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practically established by the positive history, the scars of the liver,
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serum. The blood was obtained from the femoral artery of healthy
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Cooper, W. G., and Ackerman, L. V.: Cystosarcoma Phyl-
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The pupils are equal and measure 4 mm. in diameter. The abdcmien is
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ducinu' '-'ciu'ial symptoms of pressui-e, such as diminution of the \isual
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small amounts of it against the solutions of ammonium hydroxide
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ing to show that the said meat-food product is a substance which is not the principal
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t Van Slyke, D. D., /. Biol. Chem.. 1911, IX. 185; 1912, XII. 275.