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Those forms of pyelitis and pyelonephritis which arise when

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five, prolongs life. It was for this reason, noticed some three thousand years ago,

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as well as the ascertainment of the quantity of air required for ventila-

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know, were I to rehearse all that has been said on the employment

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*"See Tavenner's Notes in Classical Weekly, xi, pp. 101-2.

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thorough medical education in all its branches, sup-

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dilution of the drug, without paying any attention to the w^eight of

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In the Ordinance which has just received the approval of

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Tanks, Oil.— One tank for vapor launch supply, 210 gallons. Three

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use of sulphur, cream of tartar, and loaf-sugar, equal parts of each in pow-

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complicating scarlet fever. Of these 26 per cent died. The Loeffler baciUus

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rooms, receiving room, and male surgical wards, for both clean and

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in October, 1846, when he was approaching his seven-

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toxic dose for cats and rabbits, comparing them on the basis of kilo-

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of our disease, while it is still confined to the apex of one or


measles, mumps, lobar pneumonia, cerebrospinal meningitis, scarlet

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Hoff. Jno. vax R., captain and assistant surgeon. Ordered

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nothing surprising in this practice, for there is a close

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by MacLean for the purification of lecithin. The precipitate was

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Infantile convulsions. 29; croup, 21 ; diphtheria, 16; scarlet fever, 0; tvphns

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part of the little patient ruptured the membrana. A bloody discharge from

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GANNETT, William W., 110 Boy lston St., Boston— 1877 — 1 to

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attacked. Rigorous isolation, supplemented in some cases by slaughter

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is no such condition. The doomed infant either has or has not (as

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more was done in this direction until Guiseppe Sanarelli announced in