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las, and is of uncertain value in acute osteomyelitis.
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curred suddenly. Autopsy showed 21 per cent, of myelo-
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Disease. .\ Manual of Practical Dietetics. Edinburgh
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book. The effect of friction, pressure, traumatism,
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9. Neuromuscular Exercises Done at the Word of Com-
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neurasthenic, and thus this term like neurosis stulti-
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announces the beginning of an aggressive campaign for
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when the drug first came into use as an antipyretic
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I. L. Spauldmg, of Hudson. The secretary and treasurer
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lous joint disease usually begins in the epiphyseal
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creams that contain miconazole clotrimazole or similar ingredients
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A Bill for an Act, entitled an act to prevent procreation
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the limited clinical record are of unusual interest
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either the kidney or the patient or both ; transfixion
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Grieve, C. C, Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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8. Discussiou on the Future of Ocular Therapeutics,
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provable. Provided, that in no case shall the consultation
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type the term "paranoid dementia" is often applied.
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