Definition. A disease with fatigue symptoms referable to the muscular

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be placed in the desired position and retained there

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alcohol, and finally with ether. Dry the filter and con-

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lung, immediately escaping by the same channel in which

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female, forty-one years of age, was affected with fungus ne-

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thanking him for his efforts in supporting this leg-

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received a letter from this patient, in which he informed me

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the calcification of sarcomata and cancers. With regard to the

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contraction may be more marked from the stimulating effect of the retained

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he thought it was the brandied pears that the cook gave

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A series of peaks that correspond to different levels in the

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associated with the children usually run after foreign

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profession and only then when the Medicinal Company is fully

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xx ; hypodermic injection of gelatin; pressure; ligature,

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bromides or a hypnotic the night before the operation to diminish

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Professor Curtis, it is understood, was at Hartford, giving" aid and

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is in no sense a proceeding in the cause of true temper-

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the strong are often rash and fail to conserve their health, while those

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patients are in excellent condition, well nourished and

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ease of the bladder and kidneys would baffle the resources of

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liad no convulsions; pulse 90; no paralysis; heart healthy. June 15. — Has

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it is a logical one, is virtually a corollary »»t' the theory of

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have been excreted with the urine, equivalent to 540 calories, and

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tions of the sputum for the bacilli are imperative, and only when they are

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answered by Mr. Sclater Booth, on Monday in the House of

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exertion brought the malady on a second time, and then belladonna seemed

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of decease and the illness or other cause of death of

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third stage. Schroeder and Stratz's section shows this pre-

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