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dous undertaking of exterminating the catte ticks, which means

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pepper, salt, and chopped parsley, S or 6 tablespoonfuls of tomato

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means of which one sees an object with both eyes at

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respiration, 24. AVhite blood count, 22,500. In the morning of the

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Among the remedies which may be used for chronic con-

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ence is not constant, that is to say, it does not always occur and when it does it

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constitution of the serum is seen to be caused by the presence of

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the growth appeared at the vulva on October 2.")th.

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of psychosurgery to the therapeutic armamentarium has

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the root. The same treatment of the eye was continued, and in about three

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they had been free from sickness. M. Dastre said he

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The following names have been associated, by the daily press,

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time he read his lectures, and they were listened to with interest, and

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sphygmograph, which indicate so much more as to the state of the heart

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process of exhaustion is begun. Such menstruum is selected as

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neighborhood of his father's, who was skilled in the use of " roots

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2. Salt, 6 lbs., sugar, 1 lb., saltpetre, 3 oz., water, 4 gal-

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vagina. Pus in the Fallopian tubes was best treated by

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various osseous changes in the interior of the skull of syphilitic

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istomach, even though during the major part of it peristaltic waves con-

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It is a truism that if good money and worn or SAveated money

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I would make the following distinction between the two : — Hunger is

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same time, injuring this body. In the body we can only prevent, or limit, their

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alfected. I have seen four or five instances of this complaint, in

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dura congested, ventricles not dilated, substance of brain and cere-

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A hot infusion of bruised Colombo, is preferable to the above

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ments of Lassar and Salmon. He uses a 10 per cent, solution, and

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ter, the book is delightful to read owing to the graceful literary

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amount of success with the minimum of deformity. There is no

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large during the American war of the rebellion. The History