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barbiturates and alcohol have occurred following abrupt discontinuance of chlor-

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as the above, the manifestations of mind must necessarily be of the simplest.

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after repeated exposure. Although immunity from diphtheria in man

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Our association is aware that 85% of all lung cancer cases

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This they have every right to do, as editors pointed out

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at Pretoria." He speaks of the efforts of Urs. P. H. Hay-

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skin, feeble digestion, muscular and nervous debility. The only

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a most mischievous practice, as I hope more fully to show

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they become turbid, so that the nuclei are concealed ; it becomes difficult

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The result of the treatment in these two cases suggests

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The ability to secure complete confidence, to exert an influence over the

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very few sprains of the joints which are not accompanied

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admission to the hospital he vomited several times and had

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seniority, in which case Drs. J. Fraser, C.B,, J. H. Ker Innes,

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passages. The human female is very tolerant of aseptic

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the following phenomena may be observed : Headache, failure

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There is one set of glandular tissue which supplies a marvelously

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it had certainly all the ordinary characters of Cancer.' In like

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enlargement of the spleen and multiple enlargement of the lymph

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terms of time. I am not suggesting that the physician

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bolism that all of the secretions of the body are abnormal

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The questions before the Council were as to whether the

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fingers became contracted, and had their sensibility greatly im-

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all these accidents have happened in practice." All this is

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glands undergo some change, due, perhaps, to the increased

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every paroxysm, an intensely tormenting itching and burning on

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pathological condition of a patient, then there were sixteen

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atrophy and softening of the cornea, which melted down and

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almost identical with that of true tubercles; giant cells, epithe-

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X-ray in tuberculosis, also in healthy tissue, blood, and spleen, we

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ma, I feel disposed to take the liberty of supposing,

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obeenratious on the excitability of the motor nerves of frogs at differ*

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Manley, Thomas H., 115 W. 49th St., New York, New York Co.

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four or five nuclei. There seemed to be a highly re-

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dinary caution in its administration, and performed the better. He is convinced

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