immediately after the accident followed or not by ujiconsciousness,

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paper read before 1. Egypt. Med. Cong., Dec. 19-23, 1902] < Deutsche med.

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flained totally from fallads and fruit, and he had re-

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contact, treating each and all of these as if they were as

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after the manner of Mr. Smith, these were very suc-

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No one belonging to the sanitary personnel of an organization

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"developed to such an extent that it protruded below the costal arch, and

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The cause of this is chiefly in the turbinate bone and

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solution of chloral, 2 grains to the ounce, until the oozing and pain

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and this allows of less dilatation of the ring and consequent sepa-

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County Meetings, under the following regulations, viz :

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Bemittances should be made by money-order, draft or registered

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der is exposed — about the sixth of an inch in thickness — and in

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180 mg/kg/day, seminiferous tubule degeneration (necrosis and loss of spermatogenic epithelium) was ob-

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country in the last years previous to the war, were unfortunates, poor

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Never had fits ; sickly from birth ; no note as to labor.

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( 1 ) Additional care should be exercised in the enlistment of

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slightly lower than on March 5, when no drug was given. Assuming

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thighs, one luter the other ; let him then turn his back to

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it favors thrombosis of the right side of the heart and gives rise

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matters of the food. It is an active agent in the preparation of

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complications, the result of a large callus. A ''wristdrop" for ex-

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flux ; the fifth is diarrhoea from excess of tonicity in the intestine ;

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reign of Honorius and Arcadius. This is evidently an

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on the inclination of the road and its character, and

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sensibility and destruction of functional power, the usual signs of

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jects. In a prize essay, which obtained the reward for which it

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found that 8 to 16 grs. arrests the night-sweats of phthisis.

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and even the vegetative, spheres are affected. A fully-

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unconsciousness, often occurring in analogous cases, is as

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of the retina. This symptom occurs sufficiently often in Raynaud's

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were found universally diseased after death, the mottled or chequered

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withal — money — was given for carrying out the

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demonstrated in the scrapings from the abscess wall when