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some complication, and even then in chorea is a rare event.

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of apparent disease of the brain and cord. He had been seen by some

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To do Bennet justice, it should be added that he is a very clear and

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Mollo, La Preste, Amelie-les-Bains, Le Boulon, Banyuls-

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changes its color much or gastric troubles arise, the inhalations

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of Gov. Shultx, put a stop to it, for which he ij entitled

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common among these patients that it is frequently their reason

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violation of the agreement is perfidy. Impressed with the conviction, that

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These were followed by a sudden return of sino-auricular rhythm with Sa-Av'=-

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Third. — We noted, also, that sacral tuberculosis or that of the

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influence, and latterly, to magnetic and other causes,

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to me, that his headaches were gone, his general condition

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when a division of practice occasionally took place,

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lying on the latter, and presents a much yellower tint; it is also

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Wet-nurses can usually be obtained at the Hospital.

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fortunately for many years and in many regions practitioners have been in

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It is announced that two foreign universities for women will

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because its action is too superficial and its use seems often to hasten their pro-

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useful, movable knee-joint even when the whole cartilage has

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by the excess of suffering which has accompanied the de-

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if any such happened to be situated near by.^ Another Act provided that flesh

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and marveled at his peculiar powers — perhaps imagined, uncharitably,

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had, on the contrary, observed in some cases that the rate of growth of the

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common, and now it appears cleanliness has departed sufficiently

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a history in this case, but, unfortunately, the supposed maternal impres-

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attention was first drawn to the subject in 1870 by the case of a Polish woman,

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conclusion was that this substance produces no reduction in the carbon

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that there is an actual space between the bladder and the anterior wall of

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in spray into the nose during inspiration. In obstinate

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periods. She was discharged cured on July 31, 1872.

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in which he described in detail Pasteur's treatment of

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from the civil consequences of illegitimacy; but the Creator yields not one

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the entile illness the patient w.ih mildly delirious; at

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portions of the nervous system, but in the gray matter as well. These

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