was obliged to return to Bern in 1753, where he took an active in-
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of stomach through, I sutured the incision so that the tube would
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vague and insufficient explanation of the difficulty. It
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broken eyebrow, an eyebrow evincing irregular inter-
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A final summary of all the evi(l<;nce at coajmand
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that of a fibro-cellular ovarian tumour, figured and described by
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Sec. 740. Every person who owns or has the custody of any cattle, horses,
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hundred years. I beg leave to quote one stanza of the logical
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rhoea so often occurs in chronic nephritis, and who remembers
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than the other type ; they form a layer of from 2 to 4
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in the non-tuberculous population. It is also their
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residency training and become licensed in one or more of the
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junct Professorship. The Faculty of the University remains un-
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free from pain, headaches, backaches, dizziness or nervousness. Im-
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It might be necessary to fit up special laboratories for radium and
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support of the human system, and if they could be used for two of the
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tages are the rapid fall of temperature in cases where there has
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after withdrawal of the trocar, hydatid fluid escaped
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One simple method of drawing out the nipple is to hold the bowl
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a fine of not less than two hundred nor more than two thousand dol-
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next to steel, the greatest rigidity and durability, while free from liability to oxydation. The barrel
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produces an antesthetic action upon it. Mucous surfaces must be dealt
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the station Saturday evening, and was to have been sent to
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chord, or whether it was intimately connected with it.
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42. A gentleman aged sixty- two; operation, February, 1874;
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continued, as they often are after the true indications for their use
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are well on the sides as well as on the front of the throat. Small doses
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grains of paradise, each an ounce and an half; galengal six
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logy, another for science, a third medicine, &c.
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of the fibula, excepting that for the interosseous mem-
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tired him, and part of either would escape his atten-
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with the Order, presenting them with a relic of sup-
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the influence of the unwholesome atmosphere of the dissecting room, and from
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terests of the deserving poor. The society will not