2. The temperature conditions must alwa\s he the same. I'lolial
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and its rapid growth, has often been mistaken for a malignant process. In
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The necessity for an ntliqiinii oriiijiii siipi)!!/ is very rea<lily demon
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is well known, at each period there may be puffiness of the hands or of the
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American companies now inquire directly as to the existence of tuberculosis
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ascites, thrombosis, or complete failure of the heart. And the danger from
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largely discountenanced by the majority of observers. The frequent
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with 12 deaths and only 2 definite cures; in 1900 Pousson collected 600
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appropriate. Thb may come on without a previous stage of syncope; at
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a stagnant pool in which a slimy mucoid matrix, composed of pus cells gelatin-
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known tables representing the expectation of life an actuary can forecast
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be patchy and gradually extends. Areas of slight discoloration may be
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in both the male and female. Gawrowsky found many bacteria, including
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In some patients, especially in acute attacks, atrophy advances so quickly
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l.uls,. arises iu the jnuetional tissu.'s hetweeu the auri.de ami veutrich-
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uiose of the atrophic type. Thus, in one patient of this series the changes
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A suitable intracoroiiary prcssun' is a sim <iiiii mni for the maini'
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so black that gangrene was feared. I saw her four years after the onset
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