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sages. Does not this prove that the most common channel for

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Dr. Barry began his inquiry at a time when some 300 fresh cases

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Journal to trace again some of the pioneer work of bygone days.

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larges science, demands more brain and brain-work, and pro-

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next consider the principal individual hazards, their danger and

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nature requires their administration only under the highest dilution, and where commercial

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tilled water, \ pint. Boil to a pint and strain. Power-

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6thly. Extirpation of the puerperal uterus. — When the Csesarean operation is

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it. There are many persons not accounted peculiar in their speech, who, in

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that end created them male and female : and these two of

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scribe these parti cularlyj nor do we propose to say anything relative

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time to time, I have selected for this occasion a short paper on " Public

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two exposures on the one plate). This entails e.ract readings of very

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tive vessels of the neighborhood, even gangrene, with subsequent

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The greatest width of the fenestra is one-half inch.

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The third was a ]iassive stage, in which the limb was

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An importation into New Jersey in 1847 is recorded,

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generating pus ; and this pus being absorbed into the general

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he ustnl as food-wriippers ; (2) aUo olcl roglsteru and

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tui'e with a needle or disc of needles, the ends of

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least eight hoursi The following day the wagons call at

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hard enough to secure the proper airing of linen and clothes at home.

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he does not say after what manner h"e and his associate, Dr. Lloyd

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248. &ore eyes, though not in general ending in blindness, ar«

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But hemiplegic seizures in syphilitic subjects are not always so transient

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(a) Some consider this phenomenon as a manifestation of a

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1. Siler, J. F., and Garrison, P. E. : An Intensive Study of the Epidemiology

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had not been used at all in our absence, so that it had nothing

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Dr. Winchester read an interesting paper on " Glanders,"

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health of the patient so far improved that I determined to ope-

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high expiration ; vocal resonance about equal on the two sides ; the

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legal statutes of the States and Territories upon this ques-