and lie more or less free in the exudate. The direct division of the degen-
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tation and no stenosis of the pyloris ; the adhesions were therefore only
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forget it, that at the critical hour, a great many physicians,
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This step greatly aided us in the rest of the operation.
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March 13. — Morning temperature 102.5°F., evening 104°F.
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blood viscosity by fibrinogen proteolysis with the purified
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hence his resistance must be fortified and his powers of elimination aided.
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whereby the exciting cause of the disease is enabled success-
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To be divided into forty-eight pills, of which one is given daily.
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amount of air space in the work-rooms there was the small-
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with those obtained by Cohnheim in his experiments. For in-
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and are more congenial with the human constitution, when judiciously ad-
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medicine ordered was usually a purgative ; and in the choice of
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while the pyogenic organisms seek always the cellular tissue of the pelvis,
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in plants. The generative act is always accompanied by a very re-
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enamel, or vitreous substance which covers the external surface
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tionship which the appendix may assume, records several cases
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measles. Four days later there was an acute exacerbation of symptoms with
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tion, April 5, 1902) has from his experience with hernia among
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proximity, and mutually remain unafi'ected and independ-
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founded with intra-peritoneal exudations or retro-uterine
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was as sharp as a pen, an' 'a babied of green fields."
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(i) See Dr. Mitra's " Antiquities. of Orissa," 1.121.
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in the same room who had not been in any way sick or inocu-
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ceed, certainly until symptoms of gravity presented
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plained of pain in the hip and inability to walk. He was kept in bed
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rain occurred and a leak in the roof ot the greenhoi
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naturally weak, and perhaps congenitally defective in the function
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ally covered with a delicate layer of fibrine, the expression of a
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ing its former ravages. As before, it spread over a space of 4 or 5 mile*
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would still have its proper place in the treatment of
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of life is nevertheless faulty, our efforts will prove of little real benefit. We
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hydrogen of the water residue OH, or as the hydrogen of the carbon nu-
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to advocate especially those measures which would protect
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