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editorial note at page 684 of the British Medical Journal of

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and diuretics for congestive heart failure; hepatic cirrhosis with ascites;

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by others ; for herpes, lichen and lupus sometimes may present a circular

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As his term of enlistment expired in February, 1888, he did

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The pessimist, convinced of the inutility of effort, preached gen-

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into one of moderate severity, and it may render latent

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We have already expressed ourselves in fisivor of a bolder use of nar-

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proved scan repetition rate, lengthening Z axis cov-

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to a week's quarantine, and in that period shows no

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midst, and that they had evidenced this by compelling individuals

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is less common) upon the surface of the brain. In other cases in which

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from the common unarmed tapeworm of man. Its strobila

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Schauta {Centralblatt filr Oyndkologie, 1894, No. 17) reports the following

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foramen magnum. If this be true, then the prognosis will depend on the

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and exhaustion induced ; injuries before labor; narrowing of the

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burning skin Avas covered in two or three days with an exanthematous erup-

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The taking of warm water of itself acted favorably by diluting

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to form but a single receptacle, a little contracted at one point, like the hour-

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An update on pertinent state legislation was distributed

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insusceptibility of opium to cases affected with acute dysentery.

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others consider it to be produced by swine erysipelas. We

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be none other than a form of tic or paramyoclojuis ; and in one of his cases

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ufe in food, as to have originally impofed the eminently ap-

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" make a necroscopy in every fatal case occurring in his practice " ;

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Is it philosophical to call any thing absurd, professing to be

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of the highest importance to suffering humanity ; and as the

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I found the hairpin, the open ends downward. After several failures I at last

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due to sunstroke, 27 to inflammation of the stomach

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umb. & Durham M. Soc.,Kewcastle-upon-Tyne,1888-9,70.—

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result of this calculation Bhowed thai the bulk was equal to that of a

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