to true cholera," says Liebermeister, " that varicella
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found ineffective. So far as my experience goes — and it
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fistulas persist for years, and continue unhealed as long as the
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with in patients in whom the heart contracts energetically and who suffer from
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such expedients nevertheless are privately adopted by those who
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organisms already enumerated will also be detected.
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flanged tubes inserted. The cavity was washed out daily on^e
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the case which Lagrange records is only the twentieth of which he has
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tail gate. (In case of a litter lowered in rear of the ambulance preparatory
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the slight cases which may be trusted without treatment until they
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Extremities: Pulses were equal bilaterally. There was no
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to show as nearly as possible in one plane, the relations of these
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under proper discipline, and all sputa and other bacilli-bearing discharges
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exposed tissues as removed from them by the use of tow, sponges,
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exists, and experts differed as to whether it was a
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localizing mainly in the right upper quadrant of the ab-
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and the catamenia. Patient's general health appeared to be
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^en cuts forward, it is equally clear that he leaves both the membranous portion of the
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could be so easily accomplislied, the local boards of
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of the ribs, from beneath the left hypochondrium, above the
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Looking to the history of the last hundred years, as regards the relations
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impression is a very simple matter. Every physician can attend to it,
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is no doubt that the functional capacity of other parts of the
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ing the shape of the projectile by jamming it into the grooves.
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influence of science ; that the light of civilisation shall bum
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2d. Thai it sometimes causes very alarming symptoms.
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2. (a) Differentiate broncho pneumonia from lobar pneu-
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geaud has found it an excellent adjuvant in the treatment of croup, and of
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details, which perplex the judgment," and which, we might add, no
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and either the extratil or the frefh juice of the cicu-
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probably dependent upon a number of causes, such as the irradiation of
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diltiazem with beta-blockers or digitalis may result in additive
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paper the same author discusses the question of the effect of
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a most violent case of eczema of the face and hands, accompanied
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