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yield the much more favourable return of 5 "8 per cent of deaths, a
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employed to check it : — A. M., aged 22, single, German, nurse,
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lung, but difficult to localize. The sputum had a gangrenous, offensive
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jaw, owing to the glandular swelling, and could not protrude her
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found to contain a sharp -pointed piece of wood, which must have
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1 have devised a simple apparatus for sterilization
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the Vienna Pathological Institute, "What! no autopsies? Bad
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be connected to intersecting sewers which carry the excreta
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Text-Book op Materia Medica for Nurses. Compiled by
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would be a practicable dose. The following four men were given
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mechanic. The labor was a natural one. In a few hours she
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passage through the os, compressed them and checked the hemorrhage, in the
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serviceable in these lesions, if the same efficacy be acknowledged for the in-
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To the second group belongs a number of cases in which, without
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character. Six p.m., twenty-five hours' steaming. There
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it may be said that it has built up the finest and most exten-
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hitherto been regarded as peptones which do not give the biuret reaction
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February nth, 1852, under Dr. Barlow. A muscular and strong-
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appears during the inflammatory stage, now returns. The pulse
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and yet in its recognized relation to the totality of our knowledge is, scienti-
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limbs disturbed the apparatus which had been applied to them —
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ures in later days. With them the healing art became a
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ruary after a hard day's work, he became chilled on his
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noticed ptosis coming on for eight years ; pupils and accommodation
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catheter can be constantly worn by the patient, without much irrita-
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by the strong bond of self-interest, so that they will be dis-
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of very numerous small, flat warts on the ulnar borders of the flexor
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more than threats — that have been made to boycott
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res[)ect between their ty[)ical representatives, and the
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tient or himself will be sufficiently benefited thereby, in both
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