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glands were taken to Doctor TurnbuU at the Pathological Institute
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of the higher nerve centers, have been discussed elsewhere. Meanwhile,
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organism. And since society is responsible for their existence, these
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ception is concerned. The tube is a delicate structure, and its
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the adhesions are mainly to the left of the median line, while the liver,
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that the chyme, or mass poured out from the stomach
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in all respects with our bacillus, although we can by no means exclude in
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blood whereby reestablishment of the activity of the circulation
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the Duodenum," Bos. Med. & Surg. Jour., 1881; " Removal of
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of the patient was very similar to that in the first case. She
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moved and the matrix dissected before the flap is adjusted, or some
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The fifth day she took a little soup, and she was taken into the garden. She
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injure the womb itfelf, or being carried back, fhould
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large ; since it is secreted from the walls of a tubular canal
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or after pregnancy, and it is apt to begin in the bones of the pelvis,
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bodies seen at a deeper level, and out of focus, when the onter ends of the rods are in focQS|
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When facial cyanosis was noticed, however, the mask was removed
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form of disease being most frequently met with, in which a miasmatic
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group, while the history was one of progressive muscu-
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formed nine times, but has never succeeded, owing to the
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to a general resemblance between the composition of this venom and
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myself here to laying down general principles. The best protec-
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tion, which is strictly in accordance with well-known scientific princi-
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tive. The hair on his head has always been soft and plentiful. He per-
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Abstract of Treasurer s Report. — Financial Summary.
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experiments, made on most of the suostances already named, premising that each was
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of the bacteriological examination of eight cases of primary diphtheria, in
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Kxitc<;tioii, iiii<l<ll<^ tliirti liiiiii«rii/<
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obvious or concealed form, I believe it will be found the offending
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of investigations in the field of industrial hygiene and sanitation is best
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institution to a site on the Calton Hill, was acquired, and this, along with an
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abrasion is liable to bleed profusely or to become gangrenous ; the