Two Cases of Malignant Growth treated by Diathermy :
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need be no fear if a small-sized aspirator is used, or if
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nature. It was when suffering from the exhaustion and disturb-
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limbs disturbed the apparatus which had been applied to them —
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♦Adapted from Butler's "Textbook of Materia Medica.
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have had greater privation and less care before admission.
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approach of which, may be foreseen and guarded againit, I consequently
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superabundance of alkali in the urine, and this often leads on to the form-
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is not cased up properly, so the sample contains some
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Thirty similar cases in a public clinic, with twenty-six recoveries and
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catalogue of this institution is published, from which we
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mals that developed the disease had stood with the water reach-
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Spleen the Bladder, the Intestines, the Lungs, and the Meninges, and I can affirm, and a great
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ents of the blood, so different in the particular just referred to as are
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found. If the sick fall out of the ranks they stand by
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That this dangler is a real one is shown by the story d
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ing, and thoroughness in chemical analysis and drug assay. Most women
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faction; and for the information of those ladies and
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is thrown into palpitation or vehement action, it does indeed
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2 oz. The kidney is situated as a cap over the upper, outer, and
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the slight nasal catarrh ; second, that the temperature became
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patch] <Month. San. Rec, Columbus, O., v. 1 (4),, Apr., p. 63. [W m .]
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Polemoilinm occidentale, Greene. Pittonia ii, 75 (1890).
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occur during either of the other stages ; at any rate complete remissions
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By Henry Gray Croly, RRC.S.L, Surgeon to the City of Dublin
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a claim upon all to develop their estates and themselves, bodily
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severe relapse after he had been up and about visiting with his
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are personal, may be of very little interest; but it will be of real
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to qualification, that, as regards the health of the individilal, "The
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from behind and above. The pathology of this dislocation consists of
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American man is 5 feet 7.60 inches, and his weight is
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to halt in face of these great questions, gathering up