between embolism and thrombosis. In most of the cases of hemiplegia

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was either injected or oedematous. The pharynx was not involved,

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lysis, as described by French authors, is never, as some suppose, an effect of

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the body on the right side a considerable amount of bloody fluid runs from

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on the left side was an open ulcer eight millimetres

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lasting. After a short and benignant attack, it is limited and

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It is true, as Dr. Mitchell says, that the expert surgeon now ac-

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The patient was quite composed, and in better spirits than on the

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headache ; in some cases the pain is frontal. Again, vomiting (a general

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Bleeding, in domestic practice, is almost discarded, and

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stimulate organizations that would promote public health. The clean-up

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This treatise is the work of years of practice in the

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proaches very near the degree of coagulation. Hippo-

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ing of the nature of the virus, or of the antidote.

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