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ting the throat, shooting, and poison. Of the suicides in Ohio, the mode se-

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1902) bases this paper on experience derived from sixty- four

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vain. In all cases the broad ligaments, the base of

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consequence with their new positions, and transmit this bilateralness to their

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presented to the Society of Practical Medicine, which in its meeting of

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and then symptoms of ammoniacal poisoning (ammonamia) result.

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cal procedures, or of antitoxin in the treatment of

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a corrosive poison, and often producing soreness of the tbrart

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not be performed in the case of hemothorax until the bleeding has

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Then again, in 1879, entered the service and did duty as

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It is God's indulgence which gives me the space, but man's

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which occurred in that city and vicinity in 1831, during the prevalence

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ceipts were 82,24.3.40 ; total disbursements, 81,696.-

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While lesions- of the type described were observed in all parts of

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14. A candidate that is deemed to have practically no

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by our able colleague. Dr. Barth, as is mentioned by Dr. Vidal in

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♦See Bull. 5a, Vol. V, 1894. of ihe Indiana Station, Dr. J. C. Arthur.

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vessels, but otherwise no irregularities. There is no loss of myelinated sub-

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and improvements have been easily accomplished as needed. Whereas

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blasts'" when met with in lymphatic glands, and they are more or less

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consist of long crystalline needles." The other organs in this case

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V. The mode of spread of true epidemic dysentery, and certain points

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The duration of the illness was three weeks, and on admission to

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