(Los) de los m6dicos. Encicl. m^d. farm., Barcel, 1882,

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standard. In America we have over eighty gates, a num-

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Treatment. — Scabies being jjureh' a local affection, its cure is

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organ it had shoved upward, causing pressure, which was exerted on the

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and believed that it was the only reliable method, assur-

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The malignant tumors, on the contrary, differ in tlieir stnicture

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Sir, — Since my recent communication (with the in-

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suggestions. In this series every case revealed some intra-

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made prominent by placing a rolled sheet beneath the

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Seventh District Medical Society baa elected the followine

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appear quite so tense, and there is a little more pus to be

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crepitates on pressure; its bronchi, to the finer divisions, coated with

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is recommended, and variety is advised in the use of

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account of our knowledge upon the subject of the rela-

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cases lenticular erosions occupy much of the mucosa in these areas.

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In closing the discussion the author expressed his opinion that med-

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fibrous indtu'ation, thus diminishing the liability to

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expected to produce, together with the loss of blood. In most cases, however,

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tension. Internat. M. MaL'., Phila.. 1894-5, iii. 241-244,

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all. A gentleman whose family he attended, and who regretted his

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object of the writer to bring this fact into prominence; and, hence

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under any circumstances until he had reached me — a most judi-

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fat after administration of from eight to ten teaspoonfuls of cod-liver

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large quantity of blood, but tifter some time he walked to a table at the dis-

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perfect propriety be comprised in the comprehensive view of

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sive necrobiosis or death of the part, which may or may not be accompanied

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ical interference with the peristalsis or anti-peristalsis, as suggested by W. B.

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Contraindicated: Known hypersensitivity to the drug.

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consider it a favor if any one who is acquainted with the after-history of

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The Section th^n adjourned, to meet at 3 p.m.. Wed-

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kept using four ounces of Chloroform in the twenty-four hours

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mentality seems to be normal after the accident. His face was swollen and mark-