another case the cedema of the eyelids was so great that they
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is liable to a penalty of £20. As the disease is one which can
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(c) ** Peptone " blood contaius very little carbonic acid. (Laliousse,
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to very urgent symptoms for days or even weeks, but from
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pretty equally balanced, and the resiiit 01 several snnewhat i.eated dis-
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to the protruding gut, and the cancer and the mass removed,
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and hypoglossal nerves were probably afleeted. In both eases
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meeting of the Fellows for a like purpose. This meeting will
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room proper is divided from the amphitheatre, where the
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arguments in support of that resolution were, first, the argu-
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up his conclusions as follows : 1. In cases of trifacial neuralgia
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shoulders, the deltoids were large, and all the otlier muscles appeared
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resolution, and made a lively attack on the promoters of the ciepting, >
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named, may we not, by supplying them from glands of the
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separately whenever the pedicle was broad or short, and in
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fermentative. "' Zymotic " is objectionable, chiefly because it implies
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The Prussian Cultus Minister has decided to establish a
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whom the lesions presented a close similarity to those of the
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provision for oflering studentships for the training for medi-
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as they begin, with destitution, and in judging of destitution regard
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microscopic examination, which showed the leucocytes to be
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^theter reaclfpd fhp w.T^'"^ I"^^ ,'°"S '' took before the
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afl'ection of hearing. The diphtheritic processes were more
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Dr. Haffkine, of the Pasteur Institute, gives in the current
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velopment of gas in the cellular tissue. Tlie emphysema of
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The vaccination controversy in the lay press goes merrily on,
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living there in February, to which I replied ; and on February
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returned home via Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Vancou^'er, and the
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avoid pollution of the River Clyde has been a harassing
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consisted of an irregular paralellogram facing four avenues,
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plained by the contamination of the water by the numerous
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with the trial was over. During the cross examination of the plaintill,
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absolute bar to its introduction, and in other cases the intro-
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certainly twenty-four days. AVhether the bodies ia ques-
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is submitted to treatment. In such a case, some operation on
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culation of the air which is necessary for the purification of
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per cent, gave a history of vomiting, and 34 .'i percent, gave a
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have been immense. He inquired if any [infection of the
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have a tendency to perforation. Tliey state that beyond the existence
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the whole system of certification of death. The mother said
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The New York Academy of Medicine has passed what may
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Advice to Intending Visitors to Cannes. By H. Blanc, M.D. London: J.
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thorough and frequent cleansing with 1 to 10,000 corrosive
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under the ungainly title of Die veneriKch-co-ntayiiifie Helkose,