showed wasting of the right gluteal, hamstring, and gas-

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observed the manner of their onset, and pointed out that they

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reports. Verbal corrections are made iu revision, but no rhewrical

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about to expire at any moment, but she lingered on till about

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with it an arsenite of potash ; when this salt is added to solu=

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lar effects follow its application to the human sto-

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and their recent sexual partners and, second, those with

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by its use much constitutional irritation could be spared the patient. He

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Election of Officers. — The following officers were

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rather than to those of his marriage. In his case I

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is elimination of excrementitious principles from the blood. The fluid

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to any of the unpleasant symptoms that so frequently arise when opium

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These three cases had all come under his observation

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the muscles, is present. In severe cases the tonsils, the submaxil-

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considered that the pulmonary symptoms which arise during childbed were the

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uterus at the eighth month of gestation in which the breech

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living child and the partial recovery of the patient so that she

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are capable of learning in special classes. The pupils

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The light brown variety („Moostorf") absorbs very well (nine times its

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Our author furnishes an apt illustration of the advantage resulting from

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promptly and generally paid than in the past. The assets were

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tunately it was ready just in time to cross the Tugela and bring

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Orange Root, Yeixow Puccoon, etc. — This plant is found in

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A New Method of Checking Bleeding after Tonsillotomy.

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Take of Gallic Acid a dram, Brgotiiie and Digitalis.each, a scruple. Make

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ty of twin pregnancy. The patient being Upon reviewing the statistics of the past

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the patient left the hospital, about a month after the operation, the power of the

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ITIayeda (S.) |Plastic operation for eel ropiim. | Chiu-

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conjectured, dopoiid on teinporarj- in^iiflk-iency at the mitral oriflcecausnl

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According to his doctrine, man is a little world or micro-

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tute for ipecacuanha in the treatment of dysentery amongst the native population.

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