used in intra-peritoneal operations, at least in the surgical clin-
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AIDS in Arkansas Statistics 144, 184, 228, 267, 275, 301,
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Hence in every part of the western coast — with the exception of high and
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doing very well. The appetite was good and he had no cough
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distribution of medical care, particularly in rural areas.
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cases are mentioned, Rust, (Salzburg, Med. and Surg.
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branches, running, however, in the same direction — which finally, towards
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contents acquire unusual opacity. At a later period the cells tend to
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A.) Pseudo-malaria. Med. Rec, N. Y., 1896,'xlix, 695.—
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valve is intact. A comparison of the aortic and the pulmonic second sound is
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limbs show a tendency to swell. The course of anaemia is
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which produce them. In this connection it is important to emphasize the
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the angle at which the tibia articulates with the femur there is not
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blood a larger amount both of earthy and soluble salts, there is a less quantity
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poison may be a fluid — for example, water or milk; and that the poisonous
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(4) Cknremment Inspection of Dairies and Slaaghter-honses. — ^This is
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It is a remarkable circumstance in the progress of this disease, that in the
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of a gauze bandage. If there is downward displacement the
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massed in definite parts of the corpus callosum. are not entirely confined
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nished and the disorder been left to fellow its natural course. \V~hen
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ditions as arthritis, fractures, and various psychosomatic
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may be a very small amount of it in normal urine. Its excess would be due
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if of blood-])igment ; in one or two appeared to be a
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that as yet no satisfactory photographs have been taken of the images
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and three-quarters, only 300 cc. were injected, and on
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the patient, then in full health, became for the fifth time a mother. — Phila-
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effect. Experiments upon the lower animals have latterly been largely